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Spinal Tumor Surgery


A spinal tumor is an abnormal growth arising from any of the tissues that make up the spine. Dure to spinal tumor it causes the back pain problem and spine cancers. A spinal tumor can be described as two types i.e primary spinal tumor and secondary spinal tumor.

  • Primary spinal tumors: Primary spinal tumors are those that originate in the spine. They are relatively rare, typically benign (noncancerous) and represent a small percentage of spinal tumors. Malignant tumors may also originate in the spine, although more often they spread to the spine from elsewhere in the body.
  • Secondary spinal tumors: Secondary spinal tumors (metastatic tumors) are tumors that have spread to the spine from cancer that has started elsewhere in the body. These tumors are the most common type in the spine and are cancerous (have the potential to spread further and are typically fast-growing).

Spinal tumor symptoms

Spinal tumors can cause different signs and symptoms when it happened. The spinal tumor can directly affect the spinal cord and bones into the spinal cord. The following symptoms may show when the spinal tumor can happen

  • Back pain
  • Heat and clod condition are less sensitive
  • spinal pain
  • Worsens with touch or compression
  • Stiff neck or back
  • Loss of bowel or bladder function
  • Due to spinal pain hard to work in regular life
  • Lower back or neck pain
  • Muscle weakness
  • Difficulty walking
  • Paralysis

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